JSReview - CINCH Traps


“I’ve used various types of mole traps, but these Cinch traps have proven to be the most effective. If I get the traps in the ground within a day of a mole-mound showing up, I have a good chance of success within the next 24 to 36 hours. I remove a big enough “plug” of soil around the mound to expose at least two distinct mole tunnels, then insert a trap into each tunnel. I cover the hole with a board with a rock on top and check the traps the next day. If the traps have not been sprung, I will let them sit another day. If I haven’t had success within the two day period, I will typically pull the traps, bury the hole, and wait for a new mole mound to pop up to start the process again. The success rate is good if you place the the traps in a new and active tunnel.”