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Perry Smith

“I have purchased 21 of your traps. They are by far the best trap for sale today. I have many other traps from 5 other manufacturers and yours out perform all of them. In the last 3 months I have caught 501 gophers, so I have had experience with many traps. Thanks again for a […]

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“I’ve used various types of mole traps, but these Cinch traps have proven to be the most effective. If I get the traps in the ground within a day of a mole-mound showing up, I have a good chance of success within the next 24 to 36 hours. I remove a big enough “plug” of […]

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Jeff Parrott

“One year we tried 16 different “proven methods” for dealing with moles. Then I discovered Cinch traps. Since 2010 we’ve easily trapped 37 moles. I no longer have anxiety when seeing a mound. I have confidence I’ll have it trapped very shortly, sometimes within the hour.” […]

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Trevor Thomas

“Will never buy another mole removal product again. These traps are the cats meow. Easy to set, Easy to place, No mess of the dead mole and my yard is back to the way it was.” […]

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Michelle Smith

“We have about 1 acre property and have fought moles and voles for years and years, never to win. That was… until… we found the Cinch traps! We have tried everything on the market but it wasn’t until we tried the Cinch traps that we became successful trappers. I swear by them to work! Easy […]

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Jim from Texas

“Oh.. yeah…! These traps work… and work well…! Very happy with this product.. I’ve eliminated many of our unwanted critters…! I’ve been using them for 2-3 years and Love them…! We use them in our yard here in east Texas, these gophers don’t stand a chance…! CINCH Traps are wonderful…! I tell everyone I can…” […]

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Will Chung

“I recently purchased your traps to take care of a gopher who destroyed my back yard last summer. I tried smoking and flooding him out and even reluctantly tried poison. None of those worked until I used Cinch Trap. Within 24hrs of setting my trap, I caught the little bugger and now my back yard […]

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