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Glenn Roberts

“Most effective product I have ever used. Let me tell you. I have used every trap known to man. With very little success. At one point I felt like the moles knew exactly what I was doing and what trap I was trying to get them with. Then ran into the cinch traps. These traps […]

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Chris Briggs

“Had a pesky mole that decided to make dirt mounds all over my lawn. Installed in one of the holes while I was on vacation, and when I came back, the trap had been sprung! I haven’t seen a mole hill since!” […]

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John Anderson

“I’ve spent years unsuccessfully trying to get rid of moles. Eventually I tried these small mole traps. Less than an hour after planting my first trap at a fresh mound I caught a broad footed mole. The next attempt was not on a fresh mound. After several days I noticed that fresh activity in the […]

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