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Sam Mann

“Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! I have caught 11 gophers in the past week. So happy to finally win the battle over these dang gophers.” […]

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John Reeves

“Cannot believe how effective these traps are. Caught all the gophers on my property in just a few days. More gophers caught with these traps then any other trap I have used, combined. Great Product!!!” […]

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“Rating I can’t say you’ll never see another goehpr, but I definitely noticed much less visible activity about a week after installing. It’s been about a month now, and activity is still only sporatic. The goehpr family doesn’t seem to particularly like hanging around with this product in place. I ignored the coverage per square […]

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“I am a part time mole and gopher trapper. These traps are ideal because they’re strong, quick, and reliable. They are also great because many of my customers do not like to see the dead animal. Every cinch trap I have set have always had a clean kill. They are very effective and I would […]

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Alan “The Cowboy”

“Hello from mid-west Minnesota. We purchased these traps for a gopher who had repeatedly buried both foot traps and ring traps. He also buried these cinch traps several times, but I kept trying, and sure enough I caught him last night. I had purchased the medium sized traps, and found that this gopher was very […]

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