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Scott Hoffman

“Such destructive critters! I am glad to have found a solution. These gophers have cost me tons of $$$ from replacing my sprinkler system, fixing my underground pool, to replanting my flowers. Ugh, so much damage! Thank you for this money saving trap! Works great!” […]

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“Make sure you use the correct size! My sister bought the small size cinch trap for her gopher and caught it the same day. To save money, I borrowed her 3 small traps to try to catch my gopher. I kept setting the traps for several days with no luck. I was so disappointed that […]

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“Since moving to our 5 acre property a little over two years ago, I have caught 381 gophers with cinch traps here on the central coast of California. I used the small size, but am ordering a pack of mediums for the larger holes the biggest gophers make. I believe that anyone who truly learns […]

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“I lost a nice Deodar Cedar in my front yard about a month ago. The needles all went yellow and a couple of gopher mounds appeared shortly thereafter. I looked online for THE answer in a trap and found cinch. I ordered the 3 pack of medium traps and set one trap around 5:30pm the […]

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