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“Great trap! I have a terrible mole problem in my pasture and need to get rid of them. So far I am 2 for 2 on kills. Hoping to continue the streak with one mole kill per day until they are gone.” […]

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“I wrote a previous review about not being pleased about these traps and I want to take it back. After I got the right size traps, I placed them in the tunnel runs and caught my first mole in a couple of hours. I am now very pleased.” […]

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Claire Cox

Cannot believe how good these work!!! I have tried other traps and they were useless. I was a little worried these traps would go in the other useless trap pile, but I was proven wrong. […]

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Clay R.

“I bought one of your traps. For 2 days now the hole is filled in again by the morning but the trap not tripped. Then I watched a YouTube video over the weekend and cut a circle of grass out around the hole and put the trap directly in it. Got the little thing last […]

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Sam Street

“How have I not heard about this hundred year old trap. It is amazing and should be in every store. There are many traps in the stores these days and I have tried them all. I gave up on the stores and search for the traps online. I found cinch traps and they truly work. […]

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