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Carrie Neville

“I was a little hesitant buying another trap to remove the gophers destroying my yard. I have tried everything from poison, gasers, baits, and other traps. I found these traps online and thought… why not? I had set the traps in the tunnel, like the instruction explained. The next day the gopher was in the […]

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Ron Spang

“In 15 years living in a rural area of San Diego, we’ve been overrun by gophers. The only thing that worked consistently was poison bate from a professional. But, that source dried up. With 1 week of a Cinch trap, we’ve nabbed 4 of those pesky critters. I’m ordering a 2nd trap today. Thanks to […]

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Eddie Frie

“I have a number of gopher traps and the Cinch traps are the best and fastest to setup for my rural farm. I bury the pinch tines in the dirt to hide it from the gopher. Moles are trickier to catch in any trap. I love these traps. I will often set up six traps […]

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Vincent Bennett

“I’ve used other traps in the past with little success. I’ve been using Cinch gopher traps for the past 7 years with great success. In fact my catch ratio is near 90%. After setting it twice I’m at 100%. Thank you Cinch for an awesome and effective gopher trap.” […]

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