This is my history and how CINCH Traps fell into my life. These traps have made my life easier and I want to share this with you. I would have never thought that someday I would be standing in my own yard looking at the mounds spread out everywhere. Then, thinking about what could have caused this and how do I stop this from happening. In the back of my mind I thought… Caddy Shack.

A couple years back, during the winter season, I had moved into a home with 5 acres of field around the front yard. When the spring came I started to notice, in the distance, mounds in the field. I did not think anything of it and week by week I noticed the mounds were getting closer to the front yard. Then one morning, I saw 2 mounds in my front yard. I could not believe the mounds had traveled so far, so fast. I did some of my own research and found out moles were there. I had no idea what would be the best way to remove this pest.

As a coincidence, I started working for CINCH Traps during this same time. I was able to get some CINCH Traps and test this trap out. With no experience in trapping animals, except mice, I knew this was going to be a little bit of a challenge. My first try at removing this mole was not the best. As with most men, we do not read directions and I had just stuck this trap in the ground and hoped it would work. I know now this was going to take focus and persistence to get this mole. Within the week, I had been going online viewing videos and reading a lot of different methods, theories and tips to removing this critter. With faith, I had attempted again to remove this mole and with much success I was able to catch this critter. As a second attempt, this was all completed within 4 hours of placement of the traps. I knew I was finally getting the hang of this. Over the year, I had racked up a total of 36 gophers and 21 moles caught with the CINCH Traps. I would not have expected this many gophers and moles on my property.
During the last couple of years, I have continued to use CINCH Traps to help keep my yard and field from gophers and moles destruction. My yard and property has never looked better. Now anytime I see a new mound, I get ecstatic to place the CINCH Traps into the mole or gopher run and wait for the end of that critter. After using these traps, I can finally see how easy trapping gophers and moles with CINCH Traps truly is…it’s a CINCH! No wonder they are considered one of the best traps on the market for the last 100 years. I stand behind the CINCH Traps on removing gophers and moles.

Yours Truly,
CINCH Trapper