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Set a cinch mole trap step 1
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About Cinch Traps

Since 1909, Cinch Traps has been the trusted brand for mole and gopher control. All of our products are manufactured in the USA (Oregon) and we take pride in our superior quality and customer service. We strive to develop a high quality product and remember if it’s not stamped “Cinch,” then it’s not the original. Our traps have been used by consumers, farmers and professional trappers for the last century. Noboby beats the quality of our original traps or the customer service that Cinch Traps LLC. provides to thousands of customers all over the United States and Canada.

Tunnel and Mound

The key to identification of a mole is the mound. The mole mound is somewhat conical in shape and not much over a foot in diameter. A mole mound will often be formed by fine soil. The hole is not evident when you look at the mound. Push the soil aside and you will find the hole under the center of the mound. Each mound is connected with another in a line by the moles runway system. Mole runways may vary from 1” to 2,” but seldom over 2.”


It ’s a Cinch

Begin by removing the mound of dirt from a fresh mound and dig down below the surface, usually about 6” to 8” and you will find 2 tunnels going in different directions. Remove enough dirt to allow for 2 traps to be placed in the tunnel system.

Step 1: Hold the trap so the set wires A and B are hanging loose. Pull the trigger wire C back. The trap is now ready to set.


Step 2: Holding the trap firm with one hand, raise the active jaw wire D and lower it to the opposite side of the trap base. Position the forward set wire A across the active jaw wire D as shown.



Step 3: Position the rear set wire B across set wire A. Push the trigger wire C forward making sure the set wire B is positioned behind the tab as illustrated. When you push the trigger wire C you are in the guide area on the rear of the trap base.


Step 4: The trap is now set and ready to be positioned into the mole run.

Step 5: Place the traps in opposite directions (2 traps are recommended for the best results).


It is not necessary to cover the opening unless you are concerned with pets or other interference. When the mole or gopher returns to investigate the disturbed tunnel area, it will activate the trigger and the powerful spring steel jaws will close around the middle of its body causing instant results. Remove the trap, replace the dirt and continue to observe the area for further activity.