I have spoken with many people over the years about how they have felt with the traps they have used in the past removing the gophers and moles on their property.

The discussion has been overwhelmingly increasing with people saying other traps are not as effective or easy to set as CINCH Traps. From what I have seen, the other traps on the market have put up some remarkable numbers and people have either loved them or hated them.

However, the numbers are being taken over by the satisfaction of what our CINCH Traps have been able to accomplish with communities controlling the gopher or mole population. It is time for your old gopher and mole traps to resign.

Give them the retirement they deserve and put them in that miscellaneous box in the garage and go get the ever striding CINCH Traps to help remove the gophers or moles and improve the quality of life for your yard or garden.