Whether you have used a bucket or hose to flood the tunnel system and get rid of those gophers or moles. These varmints just seem to keep coming back. Over the years I have heard a lot of different methods that people have used to remove the gopher or mole that has been destroying there property. I can honestly say to these people good try, but you will have to do better than that.

Here were some of the methods:

Gas bombs – which look like a dynamite stick, but only provides a gas smoke to go down the tunnel system. I do not see how this can produce enough gas to go the whole tunnel system and kill the gopher or mole. An adult male gopher can control territory up to 2000 square feet. A gopher will dig up to 7 or 8 tunnels which may extend as much as 800 feet each. You will need to buy a lot!

Gopher-hoseWater – this method will just flood your yard or garden and in turn eroding the enriched soil around the roots of your plants and vegetables. For an example of why this does not work. The Star-Nosed Mole is an excellent swimmer, and can stay underwater for up to three minutes.

Chewing gum – really? What are you going to give this gopher? A.B.C. gum? Wrigley? Trident? Are you trying to help them keep their teeth clean? In most cases I have seen, the gopher just bury the gum when they go to re-plug the hole. How are you going to get an herbivore to eat gum? This seems too funny.

The propane ignited method – I could see this being an option if you have a ton of area to use it in and you are not worried about blowing up any pipelines, irrigation systems, building structures or your property. This sounds scary!

Castor beans –  basically you are now growing castor plants. If this is what you were trying to do, then keep it up.

Solar Sonic Sound/Vibration Spike – This method is to disturb the moles from traveling into the yard or garden, but to the people that have gone this route have found out it is temporarily. This would be like someone punching you in the arm over and over. It hurts a little but over time you are desensitized from the pain and you do not even notice it is happening.

Of course, there are many other methods that were not listed that I hear about all the time. Nevertheless, almost all of them do not work and if they do, how do you know they removed the gophers or moles for good? That is why I stand behind trapping being the #1 way to remove the gophers or moles.

The CINCH Traps method consists of placing the traps into the tunnel system and leaving the hole exposed, drawing the gopher or mole back to the trap. This would be like someone leaving your front door open in the middle of winter. You are going to find this cold airflow and shut the door.

This makes the CINCH Traps fast and very effective in removing the gophers or moles. The best part of this CINCH traps method is you can see the final result, the catch. It can be very satisfying knowing you have tried every method in the book with no prevail and now this critter is gone from your yard forever!