gopherblurpWhat is September known for? Good ole’ back to school. While most of us focus on preparing for our academics or helping our little ones get ready for the new school year, we tend to lose focus on our yard or garden. This allows for unwanted animals and insects to enter into the beautiful creation you built during springtime.

I know getting ready for the new school year can take a toll on your time, money and energy. Of course, this is what the gopher is hoping for.

These gophers want to know they can tunnel, feed and breed freely. The fewer disturbances the gopher has, the more comfort these critters will have when taking over your property. Gophers will have 1 or 2 broods a year delivering 5 or 6 pups. However if survival conditions are good and the local gopher population is down, broods are larger. Potentially, a female may bear up to 4 litters per year and as high as 13 pups per litter. The start of a new season is not the end of your yard protection. The gopher does not hibernate. They work 365 days a year.

This is why we have the best gopher trap, ready to help you out all year long. The CINCH traps are made up of a durable wire metal and a galvanized steel plate allowing continuous uses against the gopher or mole. CINCH Traps are quick and effective so you are not spending too much time getting rid of the gopher that is terrorizing your property. No worries with any mess after catching the gopher, just open and slide the trap out of the tunnel. It is important to keep the yard or garden looking nice during this autumn season. Now you can continue enjoying what’s important during the month of September.