Moles and gophers do not hibernate. They travel and are hard at work 365 days a year, even if you cannot see the mounds or raised trails.

While most people believe the job is done because the season is changing, vegetables have been harvested, the flowers have bloomed. The job is never complete! This just means these gophers and moles have to travel further to find their food source, which creates more underground destruction.

Making a plan during this time of year will help make the work next year less stressful and time consuming. Look at your yard or garden and find little ways to protect against gophers and moles during the winter months.

Here are a few examples:

First, instead of a ground level garden, turn it into a raised garden bed. Then line the bottom with mesh wiring before adding your dirt  in.

Second, before you mow the yard for the last time of the year, fertilize with insect or grub killer.

Third, remove any old plants or vegetables from the garden.

This will stop gophers and moles from hanging around eating the root or insects at the base of the plants. It is important to be aware and continue to take care for your property’s needs,  just like you would for your own personal needs. Stand up and fight against the destruction of your property before it is too late.