I have been getting questions about the YouTube videos showing the CINCH traps lately. Some of the common questions are: We have watched numerous videos on line and the videos are all a little different on setting the CINCH Traps? How do we set the CINCH trap in the gopher or mole tunnel correctly? Or the instructions we read do not match the videos we have seen using the CINCH traps, why? Which way is the right way? My first answer to this is; the right way, is the way that gets rid of the gopher or mole punishing your yard or garden.

I have been trapping gophers and moles for some time now and have tested multiple ways to get rid of these property terrorizers. I have attempted trapping these gophers and moles with the different ways shown on line and even methods provided from customers who swear this is the way to make the perfect catch using our traps. I can honestly say no matter what way you set the CINCH Traps into the tunnel system, if it works, don’t fix it and keep up the great work. Your yard will thank you for it.

Based on the most common videos I have seen, there is the surface trapping for gophers or moles and the main tunnel system trapping. The three videos below will describe these methods.

I like both methods of trapping for these gophers and moles using the CINCH Traps. The only problem I have ran into using the surface trapping method is sometime I will have a bend in this entry tunnel and while I place the trap into this slightly vertical entry tunnel I had butted the jaw end of the trap against the tunnel wall. This allowed the gopher and mole to bypass the CINCH end of the trap and fill the exposed tunnel with dirt. Continuing my trials, I have learned if you choose to surface trap these critters, it is best to make sure the tunnel is as straight as possible and nothing is going to keep these pests from entering into the CINCH end of our traps. If you feel that you may be experiencing this, then I would say to switch to the main tunnel trapping method and try again. This is the method we have in our instructions. This way makes sure you are getting down to the straight runs and will allow the gopher and mole to travel right into the trap without any issues. If you have another trapping method using CINCH Traps, please share it on our YouTube Channel.

Have a Great Week!