Mission Statement

CINCH Traps have been used by consumers, farmers and professional trappers for the last century. CINCH Traps is one of the leaders in mole and gopher control and has been a trusted brand since its establishment in 1909. All of our mole and gopher traps are manufactured in the USA out of American Steel. No one beats the quality of our original traps or the customer service that CINCH Traps provides to thousands of customers worldwide.

Core Values

Quality, Commitment, Integrity, Creativity and World-class Service. We have been honored to provide such an effective and efficient trap for over a century. We take great pride in helping friends, families and communities near and far in improving the quality of their yard, garden or property. We appreciate all the support from our CINCH Traps fans and we will diligently continue to provide a one-of-a-kind trap to remove gophers and moles for generations to come! Remember if it’s not stamped “CINCH” then it’s not the original. Thank you for your patronage and continued trust in the original CINCH Traps.

“The CINCH Trap was the all around best performer. It ranked highest in both capture efficiency and time efficiency.”
USDA National Wildlife Research Center

Ranked #1 in studies done by Oregon State University, UC Santa Cruz, University of Michigan, University of California and University of Nevada