Are Gophers and Moles out to take over your yard? Then you need one of our simple and effective CINCH Traps™ it’s so easy to use anyone can eliminate moles and gophers in just a few steps!


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Everyone loves CINCH Traps!

I just had to let you know that I caught the Mole King NEXT DAY after receiving and setting "small" traps. Been after the dude for 6 months and tried everything. Big sucker too, about 7". Thanks so much for saving me from Prozac with the only product that has worked. I'm now armed for more if they show up. I'm a 5'2" petite woman and if I can do this, anybody can!

Rita Adams

I have purchased 21 of your traps. They are by far the best trap for sale today. I have many other traps from 5 other manufacturers and yours out perform all of them. In the last 3 months I have caught 501 gophers so I have had experience with many traps. Thanks again for a great product.

Perry Smith

Had two moles who were raising hell in my back yard. Caught the first one because it made the mistake of forming a tunnel. The other came from under my sidewalk and the scissor trap just never was good enough to do the job. Purchased two of your traps and two days later, we are free and clear of moles. Love how simple it is to use and set. You have my vote. Word of mouth is going to go a long ways. THANK YOU....

Russell M. Schafer

The little gopher bastards have been digging up our beautiful yard the entire summer. I have tried everything, including some pretty serious poison. Nothing seemed to work. As a last resort, it should have been my first choice in the war against the gophers, I ordered three medium Cinch traps on Amazon. While I was awaiting their arrival, I tried to strategically place some poison. I actually thought I had won this round but there it was a couple mornings later, the tel-tail mound, there baaaaack. I watched a couple videos, and easily found their tunnels. Set and placed the traps, and in less than half an hour, "one trap one kill." Gotcha!!! Nothing could be easier. Nothing need be precise. Find their tunnel, dig a nice hole big enough to place the trap and just wait. The gophers own neurotic nature of having to plug the hole back up will be his own undoing. I'm almost waiting for the next mound to signify another attack-not really but I know it will be coming. Thanks for a well built product that works!!

Lorin Kramer

To date I have trapped 61 Gophers and 4 moles using cinch traps. I use the 3 in size for large holes and 2 ¼ in size for small holes. The attached photos are my largest one is lying on a 12” x 12” paver. I make the holes large enough to place the trap with a 3 foot piece of ½- ¾ in pipe so I don’t have to use digging tools it goes faster.

Betty Webb

I recently purchased your traps to take care of a gopher who destroyed my back yard last summer. I tried smoking and flooding him out and even reluctantly tried poison. None of those worked until I used Cinch Trap. Within 24hrs of setting my trap, I caught the little bugger and now my back yard is beautiful again. We're also glad to support a homegrown USA company.

Will Chung

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The Best Mole and Gopher Trap on the Market Since 1909

Everyone can agree that gophers and moles are a nuisance pest that always seem to pop-up destroying your lawn or garden seemingly overnight! You have probably researched or tried other methods to rid yourself of these pesky rodents with very little success. Let us introduce you to CINCH Traps, the most effective, easiest and humane way to eradicate moles or gophers from your life completely.

CINCH Traps have been a trusted brand since 1909, they are handmade in Oregon from galvanized steel and built to last for years to come. It takes just four easy steps to get your CINCH Trap ready to put in a mole or gopher tunnel to get rid of the pest for once and all. After you have caught your bounty the trigger arm, that sits outside of the tunnel, will be raised to indicated a catch. You can simply release the trap leaving the dead gopher or mole in the tunnel and fill it in with dirt without ever having to see the animal.

If you are new to trapping we suggest you order a Deluxe Mole Kit or Deluxe Gopher Kit, they have everything you will need (including an instructional DVD) to get started quickly and have optimal results. We take customer service seriously, if you have any issue with your CINCH Traps order please contact us.

HOW-IT-WORKS Our mole and gopher traps have been used successfully by people just like you, farmers, and professional trappers for the last century, the proof is in the feedback we receive everyday from our satisfied customers.

The moles and gophers that are terrorizing your yard are not going anywhere, so why wait? Order a CINCH Trap today!

CINCH Traps are often imitated so we suggest you buy direct from us or a trusted distributor and remember if it’s not stamped “CINCH” then it’s not the original.

Featured Products to Get Rid of Gophers & Moles

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    CINCH Traps Deluxe Mole Kit

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    CINCH Traps Gopher Kit

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  • CINCH Traps Mole Kit

    CINCH Traps Mole Kit

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What kind of mole or gopher do I have?

Identify your mole or gopher by location and the type of damage they do. What do they look like and what do they eat?

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