Are Gophers and Moles out to take over your yard? Then you need one of our simple and effective CINCH Traps™ it’s so easy to use anyone can eliminate moles and gophers in just a few steps!

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The Best Mole and Gopher Trap on the Market

Why are CINCH Traps™ the best mole and gopher trap on the market?

The CINCH Traps™ Brand has been the leader in mole and gopher control since 1909. All of our products are manufactured in Northwest Oregon, USA.  We take pride in our consistent superior quality and customer service. We strive to develop a high quality product and remember if it is not stamped “CINCH”, then it is not the original.

Durable and long lasting galvanized steel, quality craftsmanship, so you can get rid of the rodents time and time again
Bigger than your average trap, this one will not get away from you, with the one end of the trap bigger than the tunnel, the rodent will not be able to drag it down the tunnel

HOW-IT-WORKSYou can remove the gopher or mole trap without seeing the end result, the Cinch swing arm will stand up vertically to let the you know they have the catch, then open the trap and release the rodent in the tunnel.

Our mole and gopher traps have been used by people just like you, farmers, and professional trappers for the last century.  No one beats the quality of our original traps or the personal customer service that Cinch Traps provides to thousands of customers worldwide

Mole traps and gopher traps manufactured by CINCH Traps™ will help you get rid of gophers & moles in your yard, garden, park, or golf course.



Featured Products to Get Rid of Gophers & Moles

  • IMG_9157

    Medium Mole Trap Kit

    4.45 out of 5
    $32.99 FREE SHIPPING

  • IMG_2441

    Medium Gopher Trap Deluxe Kit

    5 out of 5
    $55.99 FREE SHIPPING

  • medium-gopher-trap

    Medium Gopher Trap

    5 out of 5
    $22.99 FREE SHIPPING

  • IMG_9163

    Medium Mole Trap

    4.86 out of 5
    $22.99 FREE SHIPPING

What kind of mole or gopher do I have?

Identify your mole or gopher by location and the type of damage they do. What do they look like and what do they eat?

Mole & Gopher Information